Castello Banfi Grappa

Castello Banfi Grappa


Dry and austere with a clean finish.

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Product Description

As Grappa continues to gain favor with today’s sophisticated
consumers, Castello Banfi Grappa is playing a key role in this spirit’s surging popularity.
Unlike brandy, which is distilled from wine, Grappa is distilled from the soul of the grape – the solids left behind when the juice of the grape starts on its journey to becoming wine. After the juice has been extracted from the grapes, the pomace is distilled by discontinuous steam in copper patent stills. It is then refined in small oak barriques to yield a grappa praised for its smoothness and depth.
Clean and delicate, with a richness of character, Castello Banfi Grappa is a fashionable aperitif, or add some to an expresso for a perfect caffe corretto.

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