Luigi Bosca Chardonnay

Luigi Bosca Chardonnay


This elegant wine offers impressions of apple, mango, pineapple, toasted bread, honey and vanilla.

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Leoncio Arizu was destined to make wine — for two reasons.In 1890, Leoncio arrived in Argentina and settled in Mendoza, where he was welcomed by his Uncle Balbino, a man involved in the wine business. By 1908, Leoncio had worked his way up the ladder to become manager of the family winery.Over the years, the family grew, as did the winery. Vines of European origin were planted, genetic crossings took place and the family invested in steam-powered plowing machinery — cutting-edge technology for the early 20th century. As the family learned more about growing grapes, the quality of the wine steadily improved.You can taste the commitment to quality that lives on to this day in the family’s Luigi Bosca Chardonnay, an elegant, full-bodied and viscous wine that was aged in French oak barrels for six months prior to bottling. Which brings us to the second reason for Leoncio Arizu’s wine-focused destiny: Arizu translates to oak grove.

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